Add AI to Devices

Does your company manufacture, resell or operate devices, appliances, or machines, such as thermostats, light bulbs, microwave oven, vending machines, or fitness machines? Add AI to your devices to:
  • + Enhanced User Experience
  • + Reduced Downtime
  • + Increased Accessibility
  • + Innovative Features
Awesome Image
Awesome Image
Enhanced User Experience

By adding features such as Virtual Try On, Voice Conversation, Personalized Recommendations etc.

Reduced Downtime

By predicting maintenance needs before they become major issues.

Increased Accessibility

With multi-language support and assistive features such as help people with visual impairments.

Innovative Features

Add new Revenue Streams by adding innovative features e.g. ID verification using computer vision.

Bring your device, and we’ll add edge AI capabilities like computer vision AI, sound AI, sensor AI, anomaly detection, forecast AI, and more.

Choose from our wide selection of pre-built AI models or let us customize a solution tailored to your specific use case.  Our SDK is available in all programming languages, making integration a breeze.

Unlock the true potential of your devices using Secomind AI –  faster and more cost-effectively than alternative approaches.

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