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SECOMIND is taking the smart vending and unattended retail to the next level.

Imagine equipping your vending machine operators with the ability to not only view the inventory of all your vending machines in real-time but also access accurate sales forecasts for each and every item, allowing them to optimize their supply chain effectively. Instead of scheduling routine visits to service vending machines, the machines themselves send alerts when they require maintenance. Cloud management and AI have the potential to revolutionize the way vending machine operators manage their businesses.

  • + Streamlined Operations & Business
  • + Enhanced Customer Experience & Support
  • + Compatibility & Customization
  • + Integration & Security
  • + New Revenue Opportunities
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Software for Vending Machine & Cloud

We provide complete software for Vending Machine (Android, Windows, or Linux) or can integrate our modules (such as AI app for predictive maintenance, virtual try on) into your Vending Machine. We also have complete Backend Software that can run in our Cloud or your private Cloud. The Backend Software:

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  • Multi-tenancy Operator Hierarchy
  • Planograms Inventory Management
  • Sales Forecasts Financial & Sales Reports
  • Remote Telemetry Remote Troubleshooting
  • Remote Desktop Over the air upgrades
  • Predictive Maintenance Inventory Forecasts
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