Make Vending Machines Smart

Imagine empowering your vending machine operators to be able to not just see inventory of all your vending machines but also see sales forecast of each and every item so that they plan their supply chain.  Instead of sending someone to service vending machines periodically, the machines send alert when they need service.  Cloud management and AI can change how vending machine operators manage their business.

Using AI and Cloud to make vending machines smart and business easy to manage so that the operators can focus on growing their business and strategies to increase sales.   

SECOMIND Smart Vending and Automated Retail Solution enables cloud management of  vending machines, interactive self-service ordering kiosks and all other automated and unattended retail equipment.  It empowers them with artificial intelligence and analytics to create amazing end user and operator experiences.

SECOMIND is taking the smart vending and unattended retail to the next level

Cloud Managed

Remote Manageability & Telemetry Sub-operators, Finances, Inventory Dashboards, Reports, & Alerts


Augmented Reality Experience, Customer Personalization, Sales and Demand Forecasts, Predictive Maintenance & more

Multiple Payment Options

Cash, Cashless, Mobile payments, Different types of payment terminals, Contactless payments Coupons, Pickup Codes & more

All types of Vending Machines/Kiosks

Touchscreen Product elevators, no-touch automatic delivery door, conveyor belt delivery system with optional touch-free purchasing via cell phone. Refrigerated, Hot Food, Wall Mounted, Free Standing, Giant, Lockers and more

Digital Signage

Generate new source of advertising income for vending operators. Advertisement configurations. Targeted ads based on the location, sales history as well as the user's demographics

Sales & Rental

Support not just one time sale, but rental of products, return of products, etc.

White Label/Custom Theme

Customize all vending machine UI, mobile apps, web interfaces, DNS/domain name for your brand and customize theme that fits your brand.

API & Integrations

Our software is designed with API first approach. You can integrate our system with other systems easily!

Secure & Scalability

Grow your business with state of the art security and 24x7 support.

Virtual Try-ON

Virtual try-on is a game-changer and makes it possible for consumers to have a more personalized and realistic shopping experience, even when they can’t try the product from the Vending Machine.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is conducting maintenance to prevent predicted problems rather than conducting maintenance on a fixed schedule or when an issue arises. Machines can now tell you when they aren’t feeling well.

Demand Forecasting

Accurate forecasts are the bedrock of most successful businesses. By using demand forecast, an operator can have up to a 65% reduction in lost sales due to inventory out-of-stock.

Digital Signage

Operators can now increase their value and revenue by adopting digital signage. Not only does digital signage bring in more customers, but it also generates advertising income, a new revenue stream.

ID/Age Verification

Offer your customers a way to prove their age. We use a combination of AI technology, liveness anti-spoofing and document authenticity checks so you can be confident in the age of your customers.

Plug Into Your Audience

Enable you to contextualize your messaging against the demographics in real-time. Integrate our capability to counts and classify the audience to understand the visitors around vending machines.

And, many more applications!

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