Lidar Workflows

What if you could automatically monitor if all your people and robots are following the right steps. What if you could be always on top of any unsafe behavior, intrusion into restricted areas, or unsafe distances between people and machines.


Yes, this is the promise of Manufacturing 4.0. The unique combination of Cloud management and AI is transforming the way manufacturers manage and optimize their operations, from product design and production to distribution and customer satisfaction.

SECOMIND LiDAR Workflow Manager offers granular, privacy-protected, real-time insights into the performance efficiencies and bottlenecks of operations, safety, and quality in manufacturing and warehouse management space.

LiDAR - A Simple Solution for Complex Manufacturing Problems

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology is similar to radar or sonar. However, instead of using radio or sound waves, LiDAR measures the time of flight (ToF) of a pulsed laser to gather three-dimensional, real-time information about the physical world.

Measuring the depth distance of each pixel of a picture allows captured pictures to be converted into a three-dimensional “point cloud.” Additionally, by measuring many times a second (say 25), it tracks the motions made by people, machines and objects within the monitored space.

Cloud/On-Prem Managed

Remote Manageability & Telemetry Sub-operators, Dashboards, Reports, & Alerts


Operation Bottleneck Analytics, Waste Prediction, Worker Safety, Theft Prevention, Predictive Maintenance & more

Hardware Agnostics

Manage LiDAR sensors from various manufacturers.

White Label/Custom Theme

Customize all vending machine UI, mobile apps, web interfaces, DNS/domain name for your brand and customize theme that fits your brand.

API & Integrations

Our software is designed with API first approach. You can integrate our system with other systems easily!

Secure & Scalability

Grow your business with state of the art security and 24x7 support.

Assembly Line Monitor

Quality and productivity depend heavily on how closely a human worker or a robot follows the right steps to create a quality product, on time and within budget. Monitor any deviations! Identify anomalies to avoid poor-quality products and inefficient operations.

Worker Safety

Issue alerts for “slips and falls,” security breaches, unsafe behavior, intrusion into restricted areas, or unsafe distances between people and machines.

Guiding Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) will become more common across factory floors, but they must be able to navigate safely to be effective. LiDAR can provide the navigation they need.

Optimize Recycling

3D modeling of waste piles to optimize the recycling process while reducing the plant’s environmental impact. LiDAR data enables waste density measurement solution to prioritize waste incineration.

Loading Docks

Just one LiDAR sensor positioned on the building side can keep an eye on numerous doors, confirm when trucks arrive and alert the staff to the location of the trucks. This greatly improves distribution-center efficiency.

Smart Bin-picking

LIDAR scanners to set up virtual zones around the front of each bin. Using this easily implemented system, a warning sounds whenever a worker pulls from the incorrect bin. This boosts pick speed and accuracy, with better air-proofing.

And, many more applications!

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