Virtual Try On

Virtual try-on is a game-changer and makes it possible for consumers to have a more personalized and realistic shopping experience, even when they can’t try

Usage Analytics

Usage analytics is the ability to collect, analyze, present and visualize data on the use of vending machine(s). This helps us understand the usage pattern

Theme Manager

Clea cloud lets you define and store new themes to customize the user interface of your vending machines. Customize items like, product catalog layout, primary

Sales Forecast

Demand forecasting is an essential tool for the operators to determine potential future requirements of customers. Forecasting figures are usually determined by analyzing historical sales

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is identifying an unusual data or data range in a data set which isn’t aligned with standard pattern. Anomaly insights can be useful


Planogram is a diagram that describes how and where typical products are placed on a retail rack or displayed to boost buyer purchases. The map

Inventory Forecast

Inventory forecasting, also known as demand planning, uses past data and known circumstances to predict needed inventory levels for a future period. Accurate forecasting ensures