Elementor #9618

DMVi Launches AI Enabled Vending Machines

Digital Media Vending International, a leading vending machine manufacturer has selected AI based Vending Tracker, a Vending System Management Solution from SECO MIND USA LLC for their innovative vending machines.

AI for Armed Forces

Help protect the safety, security of Armed Forces as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of military operations.

SECO acquires ORO Networks

SECO has signed an agreement for the acquisition of ORO Networks, a US company based in the Silicon Valley. A strategic transaction creating value for SECO’s shareholders and giving rise to SECO Mind US.

AI for Healthcare

SECOMIND AI for medical imaging analysis, analyzing unstructured data, disease forecast, biopharmaceutical development, as well as streamlining Patient Experience.

AI for Vending Machines

Predictive maintenance, predictive stock replenish, personalized experience, age verification and more. New revenues, better inventory management, and cost savings.

AI for Sustainability

Tackle the most pressing environmental challenges – climate change, biodiversity and conservation, healthy oceans, water security, clean air, and weather/disaster resilience.

Elementor #9618 -