Cybersecurity Programs

Creating a secure environment

Whether the operational technology/industrial control system(s) (OT/ICS) environment is operational or in the development stage, we provides practical, comprehensive, and manageable cybersecurity solutions that align with the organization’s mission objectives and business processes. We tailor a cybersecurity program and various solutions to secure the organization’s site-specific OT/ICS environments.

Integrating a cybersecurity program for the OT/ICS environment can be challenging for an organization that does not have in-house expertise.

We specialize in cybersecurity program integration and guides the organization to adopting the appropriate cybersecurity frame for the environment. The cybersecurity program and framework provide a solid foundation to secure the organization’s assets. In return, the organization reduces risk of system penetration from outside attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, insider threats, data (corruption, interruption, loss), unauthorized access, etcetera – resulting in compromised safety, production downtime, reduced product quality, and other negative side effects from poor cybersecurity program structure.

We believe the idea of security through compliance by laying solid foundation with a cybersecurity program, business mission requirements identification, and security control framework adoption.

Readiness Pre-assessment

  • Where is the organization is relation to a robust cybersecurity program?
  • What are the current GAPs between the standard recommended components of a cybersecurity program and the organization’s program?
  • In what order and how to apply the results from the GAP analysis to benefit the organization
  • How to implement and monitor the answers to previous questions that best supports the organization?

Essential Components

  • The planning stage, the organization establishes governance from the executive level, gather cybersecurity program requirements, develop cybersecurity program policies, and create a cybersecurity deployment plan.
  • The implementation stage includes implementing the program policies, program assurance testing activities, and responding to risks in accordance with the organization’s mission and business objectives.
  • The analysis stage includes continuously monitoring the program for lessons learned and reporting results to the executive level leadership.
  • The final stage is adjusting the cybersecurity program to improve the cybersecurity programs efficiency. We can assist the organization with the details for each component to build a cybersecurity program that is robust and resilient.

Modular Approach | Milestones

  1. Discovery: consists of tasks to determine the cybersecurity state of the environment.
  2. Cybersecurity Program: consists of tasks related to building a cybersecurity program (e.g. writing policies, safeguard selection, risk management framework selection).
  3. Network Design: consists of designing a network that integrates with the current network as much a possible or design a new network that provides layered security to protect the environment.
  4. Implementation and Cutover Plan: consists of items to get the system up and running (e.g. Bill of materials, pre-deployment tabletop exercises, and an implementation plan.
  5. Acceptance Testing: includes penetration testing and cybersecurity vulnerability testing.
    Continuous Improvement and Monitoring – includes incident response capabilities, penetration testing, and on-going support activities to sustain the production and security requirements of the environment.

Site-Specific Cybersecurity Programs

Often organizations think compliancy means security. However, that is far from the case. An organization may meet the compliancy requirements driven by government, regulatory, laws, standards, or internal policies, but still have weakness in their cybersecurity defenses. 

 It all starts with a cybersecurity strategy to build a solid cybersecurity program driven from the organization’s executive level. A good program focuses on risk and safeguards to maintain critical services instead of deploying unnecessary security controls for compliance. It is important the organization understands what they are trying to protect, and laser focus their resources to protect the critical mission and business processes.

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