Cybersecurity Assessment

You can’t fight what you can’t see.

In 2020, more Operational Technology (OT) vulnerabilities and publicly disclosed vulnerabilities were reported than any prior year.

Vulnerability Assessment

Automated and manual assessment performed on-site or remotely (if possible) to identify vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and gaps against OT security best practices.

Penetration Testing

Mimic external attackers targeting OT environments from the Internet or from the corporate environment to identify pivot points into OT networks and systems.

Application and Product Security Assessments

  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Penetration Testing and Exploitation
  • Assessments of software, firmware, and hardware product development
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle Assessments

Incident Response Capability Assessment

A key component of any OT cybersecurity program is incident response.

  • Evaluate and document gaps in response capabilities, tools, and processes
  • Identify response effectiveness against real-world attack scenarios
  • Identify risks in communication, planning, and logistics during an incident
  • Alignment of Business Continuity Plans to respond effectively to cyber events
  • Scenarios targeted to your organization based upon threat intelligence and your critical risks and concerns

Operational Continuity and Recovery Assessments

The baseline of ‘what is in place’, should be fully understood and all of the components of operational continuity and recovery should be evaluated. This includes the plans, personnel, procedures, backups, spares, and redundancy.

Asset Discovery and Inventory Services

Assist you in taking the first step by identifying, documenting, and building a repeatable process towards asset discovery and inventory – systems, software, policies, processes, and personnel.

Security Architecture Reviews

Our expertise in network architecture design can identify shortcomings in existing OT network architecture or even provide input from the start of the design process for a new OT environment.

Compliance Assessments

Support cybersecurity assessments focused on regulatory, standards-based, or contractual requirements.

AI as a Service

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